Stonewater Monitors Connecticut's Largest Corporate Solar Energy Project

EVANSTON, IL — February 21, 2006 — Stonewater Control Systems is monitoring the largest corporate solar energy project in Connecticut, the office of Centerbrook Architects in Centerbrook ( The system was formally launched today in a public ceremony attended by U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman.

Stonewater's hardware and software platform provides a web-based view of the status and output of the system designed by Spire Solar in Bedford, Massachusetts ( Stonewater delivers solar monitoring through Spire Solar's web-based monitoring software, Inspire Solar Monitoring. In addition to being able to monitor the solar system's operation, Centerbrook Architects can view online a "weather station" that monitors air temperature, wind speed and solar irradiance so PV system performance can be assured. They also use Stonewater's platform to monitor hydro energy generation.

Centerbrook Architects' office is located in a renovated 19th century drill bit factory on the Falls River. For the solar energy project a new, "green" roof comprised of 100 165-watt photovoltaic cells was installed over 150-year-old timber roof joists. The firm expects the solar system to provide 20,600 kilowatt hours of electricity annually, approximately 10 percent of the building's electrical needs. The photovoltaic (PV) system feeds power directly into the building's electrical distribution system. Centerbrook Architects' property has been a water-powered industrial site since 1721. After the architectural firm bought the factory building in 1970, they repaired the hydro power plant and today generate approximately 10 percent of electrical capacity from hydro energy generation.

Stonewater provides real-time, two-way control capability to monitor and control thousands of machines and sensors simultaneously and securely over the Internet. Stonewater enable customers to view any number of remote sites from any location worldwide and manage data from a variety of manufacturers and equipment types.

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