John Dobbins Joins Stonewater Control Systems as Director, Business Development

EVANSTON, IL — November 14, 2005 — Stonewater Control Systems announced that John Dobbins has joined the company as Director, Business Development. His appointment marks another step in Stonewater's continuing program to target and develop strategic markets and alliances. "John Dobbins brings to Stonewater the ability to target increasingly specialized market opportunities to broaden the application of our services," said Randolph Nogel, President and CEO.

Mr. Dobbins has an extensive background in strategic marketing and sales. He previously was Vice President of Sales for IDT Consulting, which offers ERP and CRM software solutions to mid-size and enterprise companies.

"I am enthusiastic about Stonewater Control Systems' market position and potential," said Mr. Dobbins. "Our platform provides a unique opportunity to the marketplace as we are well ahead of our competitors. We have a strong, experienced team and the ability to capitalize and make significant market penetration."

Stonewater Control Systems is an M2M solutions provider to businesses that require wireless communications between devices networked over the Internet. Stonewater provides real-time two-way control capability to monitor and control thousands of machines and sensors simultaneously. Stonewater enable customers to view any number of remote sites from any location worldwide and manage data from a variety of manufacturers and equipment types.

Stonewater monitors critical systems and environmental variables as well as electricity, gas, and water. Users of Stonewater's technology include The Energy Coalition in Irvine, California; Jorgensen and Associates, Praxair; the Sacramento Municipal Utility District; The Art Institute of Chicago and Spire Solar Chicago.

About Stonewater Control Systems

Stonewater Control Systems, a privately held technology company located in Evanston, Illinois, provides Internet-based remote communication and control platforms that plug in to monitor, analyze, and control machines and sensors. For further information about Stonewater's technology and licensing opportunities, please visit

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