Stonewater Designs System To Monitor Spire Solar Chicago's PV Systems' Performance

Evanston, IL — January 3, 2005 — Stonewater Control Systems has announced that Spire Solar Chicago (, a photovoltaic (PV) technology company that both designs and integrates solar electric systems, has installed a system designed by Stonewater to monitor the performance of their PV systems.

Spire Solar Chicago, a unit of Spire Solar, Inc., specializes in utility-interactive PV systems. These systems feed power directly into a building's electrical distribution system, offsetting the need to buy equivalent power from the utility whenever the sun is shining. Buildings with their own PV systems typically use sunlight to augment power from the electric utility. Solar energy is the only renewable technology applicable to large-scale, distributed urban use. Chicago receives 80 percent of the sunlight of Miami, Florida, on an annual basis and actually receives more in the summer months when utility support requirements are greatest.

Spire selected Stonewater to develop hardware and software to provide a near real-time, web-based view of PV system status and output. Using Stonewater's web-based Network Operating Center, building owners can centrally monitor installed systems to ensure that they operate properly. A significant component of Spire's system is a "weather station" that monitors air temperature and wind speed, as well as solar irradiance, so PV system performance can be assured. "Stonewater has been creative and innovative in designing a system that integrates all the functionality that our customers needed. Spire is pleased to be connecting building owners with Stonewater to contract this service," said Steve Hogan, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Spire Solar, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Spire Corporation (NASDAQ:SPIR).

Spire also asked Stonewater to provide a web-based solution, InSpired Data Monitoring™, that allows customers to monitor their PV systems and view a "snapshot" that shows electric energy generated, as well as a concise, real-time environmental impact benefit summary. "Our customers are excited about Inspired Data Monitoring because it gives them information that is easy to understand and use," said Hogan. The public will be able to view a snapshot of Spire PV system performance at Millennium Park later this spring when the Visitor Center opens.

About Stonewater Control Systems

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