Stonewater "Powers" ComEd Curtailment Plan

Evanston, IL — July 27, 1999 — Stonewater Software Inc. is using the latest technology—an Internet-based data system—to help ComEd customers voluntarily reduce energy consumption during the summer months.

As part of ComEd's Co-op Curtailment Program, this state-of-the-art system, developed by Stonewater Software, uses a bank of modems at a central hub to communicate with desktop computers located at participating ComEd customer sites. During peak demand times, such as hot summer days, ComEd initiates the curtailment program by setting off an audible alarm at each site. Co-op customers acknowledge the alarm and take action to reduce their power consumption—conserving energy and reducing the risk of power shortages. Customers participating in the Co-op Curtailment Program receive a rebate from the utility based on their curtailment performance. Stonewater Software's Internet-based system collects data on each company's energy usage and displays a graph indicating curtailment performance. Later, the information is analyzed and results are shared with the participating customers. This summer, more than 270 of northern Illinois' largest companies are participating in the program, including McDonald's, Walgreen Drug Stores and Ameritech.

"This system is a simple, effective tool for reducing the costs of doing business—an important concern for every company," said Gerd Nierlich, president of Stonewater Software, Inc. "The technology also provides an effective tool to guide major electricity customers in managing their energy consumption."

"Stonewater's user-friendly technology has dramatically improved the operation of our Co-op Curtailment Program by providing our customers with a powerful tool to evaluate critical energy information," said Bill McNeil, director of Commercial Planning at ComEd. "By reducing total energy consumption during peak demand times, the Co-op Curtailment Program is an instrumental part of ComEd's ongoing effort to provide reliable service to its customers."

Stonewater Software, a leader in energy management software solutions, is a privately held technology company based in Evanston, IL. Stonewater markets powerful enterprise-wide analysis tools that correlate energy usage to industry specific business information. They are the first company to provide rate comparisons and "what-if" analyses through a Web browser.

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