Stonewater Provides Critical Near Real-time Information for Water and Wastewater Treatment Facilities

EVANSTON, IL — March 18, 2002 — As more and more water and wastewater treatment facilities become eligible for energy pricing options such as real-time pricing, time-of-day pricing and load-curtailment incentive rates, the need for real-time energy monitoring systems becomes critical.

Stonewater Software's energy1st service provides a turnkey Internet-based energy data acquisition system that allows water and wastewater treatment facilities to monitor their energy consumption in real time and take advantage of the many pricing options. energy1st can monitor electricity, water, gas and onsite emergency back-up generation performance with a single proprietary gateway device.

energy1st solutions allow water and wastewater treatment facilities to:

  • Gain insight into the energy use patterns driving energy expenditures
  • Use the information to formulate energy management strategies
  • Automate device control based on demand or price
  • Quickly implement curtailment programs
  • Automate two-way curtailment program notification
  • Validate curtailment program compliance
  • Provide curtailment pooling settlement data
  • Enable day-ahead bid program options

Stonewater Software, Inc., a privately held technology company located in Evanston, Illinois, is a leader in developing and operating flexible, cost-efficient near real-time two-way communication technology using the Internet.

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