Stonewater's Platform Supports Cook County's Homeland Security Initiative

EVANSTON, IL — December 6, 2004 — Stonewater Control Systems will be monitoring the heartbeat of the Cook County, Illinois, Wireless First Responder Network when it begins operating early in 2005.

Cook County and the City of Chicago have received a $40 million federal grant from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to enhance the area's security against terrorism under the Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI). The county is using the funds to set up an advanced wireless system to enhance first responders' capabilities to prepare for and respond to events and emergencies.

The Wireless First Responder Network incorporates bullet-resistant surveillance cameras called "Strongboxes," "Smart" Alert Stacks and First Responder vehicles with onboard cameras. Strongboxes are pole-mounted in public locations to combat criminal activity and to deter terrorism. Strongboxes also are 802.11 "hotspots," equipped with Cisco's MAR router to ensure redundant communications capabilities. Alert Stacks are mounted outside public buildings and lit to the current advisory alert level designated by the Department of Homeland Security.

Stonewater is incorporating SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) technology in its network operations center to monitor, report on and control these devices. Stonewater's control1st technology will continuously check and report the health of the Strongbox and the Alert Stack to the designated emergency management agency. Stonewater's control1st also will provide Cook County with the ability to control devices remotely. For example, county emergency personnel will be able to change the threat level on Alert Stacks on a coordinated basis based on geography, sector or other criteria. Personnel will also be able to reboot the Strongbox's onboard computer and to monitor and control other devices inside the Strongbox enclosure from remote locations.

"Stonewater's platform will allow Cook County to monitor the heath of all the devices connected to the Cisco MAR router, resulting in a very proactive strategy to keep the system up and running 24/7," said Stonewater CEO Randolph Nogel.

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