Stonewater Control Systems Joins the OpenADR Alliance

Evanston, IL September 3, 2014 - Stonewater Control Systems is proud to announce its membership in the OpenADR Alliance, which is helping advance the continued adoption of real-time demand management solutions through an open communications standard. OpenADR (Open Automated Demand Response) is an open and standardized way for utilities and system operators to communicate demand response signals with each other and their participating customers using a common language over any existing IP-based communications network, such as the Internet.

The OpenADR alliance was formed to advance open standards in Automated Demand Response (ADR) and is responsible for the education, training and certification needed to bring OpenADR to market. Open standards create choice for customers and utilities when selecting products and services to implement demand response programs. The certification process administered by the OpenADR alliance provides customers confidence that the products they have purchased will interoperate with programs offered by their energy suppliers.

Stonewater Control Systems was the first company in the United States to offer a comprehensive web-based curtailment management system for utilities and energy co-ops across the country. Stonewater's Energy1st energy management platform provides a comprehensive suite of web-based tools for analyzing and controlling energy loads in real-time. Utilities such as PG&E and Southern California Edison use Energy1st products to help manage peak load and give their customers insight into how they use energy.

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