Stonewater Control Systems and Sandia National Laboratory Present Smart Barrier at International Carnahan Conference on Security Technology (ICCST)

Jim McLaughlin, Software Architect and Project Manager for the ReKon Intelligent Perimeter Protection System, joined colleagues Jeffrey Dabling and Jason Andersen from Sandia National Laboratories to present preliminary testing results at the 2012 International Carnahan Conference on Security Technology.

Kontek Industries, parent company of Stonewater Control Systems, entered an 18 month cooperative research and development agreement with Sandia National Laboratories to design and test a new kind of perimeter protection system that combines delay, detection, and assessment in one integrated package. The project aims to produce a barrier that can provide a similar probability of detection and low nuisance alarm rate to fenced perimeter with an engineered clear zone but at a fraction of the cost.

Probability of detection can be improved by combining complementary sensor systems with data fusion algorithms. Stonewater's role in this project is to engineer a secure, scalable software framework to allow plug-and-play sensor integration, and to also develop novel data fusion algorithms to improve the accuracy and reduce the nuisance alarm rate of the combined sensors.

Preliminary results from active and passive testing presented at the conference show a 100-fold reduction in nuisance alarm activity while maintaining the detection sensitivity expected for each independent sensor. A Sandia-led Red Team was unable to bypass detection during active testing. The paper accepted by the conference can be viewed

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