Real-time information is the essential tool for managing energy. Stonewater Control Systems' Energy1st platform delivers to a customer's web browser the information needed to increase grid reliability, manage remote facilities and lower energy costs.


Stonewater's real-time reporting and control systems enable utilities to create flexible pricing packages, track customer usage, optimize trading positions and manage comprehensive curtailment programs

Demand Response and Curtailment

Manage customer demand through effective load management strategies. Streamline and automate demand response and curtailment programs.

Introduce value-added services

Introduce enterprise energy management services that enable priority customers to view and analyze power consumption in real time, control peak shaving, and devise comprehensive energy management strategies. Offer sub-metering.

Core Functionality
Custom Functionality

Commercial and Industrial Customers

Stonewater enables commercial and industrial customers in any sector to efficiently plan their energy loads in real time-and to quickly save on energy bills.

Monitor, manage and control infrastructure

Set tolerance and performance alarm levels for power, HVAC, environmental, security systems and other applications. Automatically update remote sensors and data collection devices from a secure web-based browser. Visualize usage trends.

Consolidate energy consumption

Monitor energy usage across multiple facilities for centralized analysis and management. Reconcile utility contracts with actual usage. Manage contracts by staying within profile. Compare supplier rates to match variable energy profiles. Gain commercial and industrial efficiencies by identifying and implementing best practices.

Improve commercial leverage with suppliers

Aggregate and compare energy usage data from multiple sites. Negotiate contracts based on real-time consumption. Improve terms with distributors across geographic markets.

Know immediately when something goes wrong

Stonewater's comprehensive alarm management and notification service lets you know instantly when alarm violations occur. Identify who is responsible for correcting problems and when they got the message. Reach any device with dynamic hunting to multiple telephone and cell numbers, email addresses, faxes and pagers depending on the severity of the alarm. Receive notification alarms according to parameters you set, and track responses with a real-time log.

The Art Institute of Chicago uses Stonewater to manage fuel consumption based on the daily price differential between oil and gas. The Business Energy Coalition uses Energy1st as its engine to manage PG&E's demand response programs.