Control1st is a communication and control software platform for real-time monitoring and control of critical systems.

Government agencies use Control1st to proactively monitor the status and internal functioning of military and first responder systems 24/7, to control critical systems in fixed and mobile environments, and to customize local and global data management strategies. Businesses use Control1st to expand their service offerings and to facilitate asset management and support capabilities.


  • Facilitates mobile device communication. Stonewater specializes in solving the complex support issues inherent in mobile deployments and multiple communication architectures.
  • Provides oversight and troubleshooting for all network enabled systems and devices. This information automatically produces a dynamic topology map showing whether a device is working properly or why a device is failing, and details real-time status.
  • Reports and records data from the edge at regular, user-defined intervals. This reduces unnecessary chatter on the network and enhances efficient use of resources. The application immediately sends alarms when out-of-specification conditions occur.
  • Combines data from multiple sensors onto common platforms. This enables comparison and cross-referencing when data is combined in one operational picture.
  • Provides the command with "trusted nodes." Control1st can provide shared situation awareness in different network configurations, including MANETs (mobile ad hoc networks). This reporting feature includes confirmation of application functioning, functioning within specifications, enforcement of security measures and generation of automated local commands to allow self-healing of applications.
  • Control1st is a foundational platform where advanced applications can be added to augment its system, including customized data management and interfaces.
  • Control1st is hardware agnostic and can run on commercially available hardware and software.

Control1st brings complete end-to-end monitoring and control to many applications via public or private networks. Our communications technology gives customers visibility and control over distributed devices.