Energy1st's ARC presents EDMS, (Energy Decision Management System), the most advanced Demand Response System available on the market today. EDMS adds budgeting and forecasting capabilities as well as automated load dispatch for cost optimization to its other state-of the-art cloud-based monitoring services.

Key Features and Benefits:


Budget Module - Creates a forecast of projected energy costs based on facilities' unique operating characteristics combined with projected energy prices and facilities' historical trends. This budget is measured by actual energy needs, and costs are updated daily.


Scheduling Module - Produces an weekly operating schedule from the information provided by the budget module, factoring in projected energy prices, renewable resource production or credits, in order to proactively optimize savings and efficiency.


Performance Module - Accumulates all of the data from the Budget and Scheduling modules to create management reports comparing budget/forecast with actual costs. This includes a brief executive overview reporting how well operations ran versus the forecasted budget.

EDMS offers securely accessible real time monitoring of data from multiple sites, no matter how geographically diverse.

Data is compiled on a single screen platform, and is securely accessible via cloud anywhere Internet service is available.

Customizable alarms are sent to flexible notification groups via SMS, Email and automated voice when predetermined setpoints are reached.