Kontek Industries, Inc. and Sandia National Laboratories developed the ReKon Perimeter Detection System in response to new requirements driven by the reality of increasingly sophisticated adversaries. Security professionals entrusted with protecting critical infrastructure and the safety of our world are charged with implementing solutions which maximize the effectiveness of existing resources when confronting these challenges. The resultant push to move standoff distances away from target objectives brings the test of improving detection and assessment without an increase in operating budget or nuisance alarms.

ReKon has been designed for exactly these purposes. The incorporation of ReKon's patent pending artificial intelligences technology with sensor fusion significantly increases the detection performance with a corresponding reduction of nuisance alarms to near zero. ReKon's ability to learn the difference between real and spurious alarms given the unique conditions at every location also makes Rekon an excellent candidate for improving the performance of existing systems.

The ReKon Perimeter Detection System is distinguished by the following hallmarks:

Artificial Intelligence

ReKon incorporates the latest research in Artificial Intelligence to analyze and learn from data streams provided by multiple sensor sources in real-time, greatly improving the performance far beyond what an individual sensor can achieve on its own. Improved sensor accuracy maximizes the effectiveness of existing security forces.


ReKon is also a first class sensor integration platform. ReKon has the ability to accept data streams from a diverse set of sensors and easily accommodate the latest in sensor developments. ReKon will integrate with existing AC&D and other head end systems. ReKon is a true Open Systems platform that will not lock performance into proprietary technology.


ReKon was developed with an equal emphasis in defending against virtual intruders as well as physical adversaries. ReKon secures all communication with military grade encryption and operates in a hardened computing environment that renders the system virtually tamperproof.


Rekon's modular architecture allows it to scale from the smallest to largest size perimeters and enables the flexibility to monitor different areas with varied levels of detection. Each module is completely self-contained but can be connected to additional modules to provide coverage for any sized facility without overwhelming resources at the command center.


ReKon can be easily customized to support the unique requirements of all locations and perimeters. The system has been designed with serious deliberation regarding ReKon's capability to support new sensors, devices and security protocols on virtually any boundary.