Energy1st ARC - LINK
Energy1st ARC's line of products begins with its LINK, a user-friendly, web-based device that allows companies to remotely monitor and control their energy sources for maximum efficiency and cost savings. Data is collected onsite - from water, electric, gas, steam and alternative energy sources (solar, wind and water). The results are aggregated from multiple sites and regions nationwide, and are available in real time, wherever Internet service is available. Users can customize their onscreen data displays in limitless combinations to compare and contrast multiple sites' energy usage and avoid peak electric rates, among other cost-cutting options.

Key Features and Benefits:

Ability to interface with utilities directly to avoid paying peak rates and proactively avoid brownouts and service interruption.

Data is transmitted in real time, in any incremental size, down to fractions of a second.

Energy data is aggregated from sites across the nation on a single platform.

Multiple layers of security, including military grade encryption, strict user authentication, network firewall and a hardened operating system provide the most secure web-based system available. The system was developed under contract with the United States Department of Defense to defend sensor and mobile networks worldwide.

Customizable alarms are sent by SMS, Email or automated voice (requiring response confirmation) when predetermined set points are reached. Avoid costly equipment failures by responding to problems instantly.