Stonewater Partners With Raytheon And Sandia National Laboratories To Create Next Generation Of Perimeter Protection Technology

Stonewater is pleased to announce a partnership with Raytheon and Sandia National Laboratories to advance the state of the art in perimeter protection systems.

Recent innovations in artificial intelligence, data fusion, and systems of systems integration are revolutionizing the way many industries operate. Over the past several years research in machine learning has produced algorithms that rival the performance of human experts in fields like image analysis, signal processing, and language translation. These advances have created an opportunity to improve the performance and reduce the cost of perimeter protection systems by an order of magnitude. Performance and cost improvements will also allow us to protect perimeters that until now have been notoriously difficult to secure, such as shallow-water intertidal boundaries.

Kontek Industries (and its subsidiary Stonewater Control Systems), Sandia National Laboratories and Raytheon will partner to develop a prototype barrier section that harnesses advances in sensor technology and sensor fusion to deliver high-accuracy, low-nuisance detection across a wide range of protection environments, including extreme environments such as desert, arctic, and littoral. This collaboration brings together Sandia's recognized leadership in critical asset protection, Raytheon's expertise with integrated defense systems, and Kontek Industries extensive experience providing state-of-the-art security solutions for public and private sector customers. Kontek and Sandia have already collaborated on an 18- month effort developing new sensor fusion techniques for perimeter security, with results far exceeding expectations (published in report SAND2013-1296 Design and Evaluation of the ReKon Integrated Detection and Assessment Perimeter System). Raytheon brings added depth to this collaboration with core capabilities in sensing, effects, C3I, mission support, coastal defense and cyber security.

The ReKon Intelligent Perimeter Protection System developed in conjunction with Sandia National Laboratories has already demonstrated the value of incorporating machine learning data fusion algorithms for complementary sets of detection sensors. In both active Red Team testing and long term passive testing, ReKon outperformed expectations. ReKon captured every attempt by a Sandia-led Red Team to bypass detection while only experiencing 2 nuisance alarms during 100 days of observation at Sandia's Exterior Intrusion Detection Test Lab.

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